Class Notes

Dr. Iffat A. Sanderlin ’10

TCC helped me develop into a great pharmacist by giving me a solid foundation in science with superior faculty who cared about my future and well-being.

Kathy Diggs ’17

I started going to TCC in 2014. The first time I wasn’t sure if I was ready to start school, because I lost my mother back in 2008. Now that I’ve received my Associate Applied of Science in Culinary Arts, I am working on getting my second degree in Associate Applied of…
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Steven Hornstein ’01

I enjoyed taking a wide variety of courses at the Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach campuses; so many medical courses. I remember when 9/11 occurred, I was in anatomy/physiology course at the Virginia Beach campus. I am now moving towards a public health certification at EVMS!

Deanna Wheeler

Deanna attended the culinary arts program at TCC and graduated at the top of her class. Deanna began her TCC journey without a job and two young children to care for. As a result of Deanna’s education and experience at TCC, she was able to find employment at the campus…
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Joel Cox ’84

Joel M. Cox graduated from Great Bridge High School in 1981. From 1981 – 1983, he attended a large four-year university; however, he struggled as a student and could not find a mentor. He eventually dropped out, but decided to take classes at TCC. He found professors that cared and…
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Mildred L. Wilson ’16

I started Tidewater Community college in 2014. Going back to school was always on my bucket list. I promised myself as soon as I raised my daughter and she became self-sufficient I was going back to school. One day I was talking to a lady that worked as a counselor…
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Naomi D. White ’16

My name is Naomi White and I’m a proud May 2016 graduate. I had a wonderful experience at TCC. When I first started, I felt some what lost. I had put my life on hold because of family obligations and wondered if I could truly manage college successfully. However, I…
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Quniana D. Futrell ’07

Quniana is a 2007 TCC graduate. She stays connected to TCC as an adjunct professor in the Division of Business, Information Technology, and Public Services on the Portsmouth Campus. She is also known as “Author Q.”, a trainer, author and speaker. She works with key groups critical to rebuilding families…
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Virginia L. Walden ’99

After graduating from TCC in 1999, Virginia went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Justice Studies, a self-designed major, from Virginia Wesleyan College. Virginia would later earn a Master’s of Divinity from Harvard University and Bachelor’s of Science in Management with a concentration in accounting from the…
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