Help a TCC Student for Just $5


Give TCC students a High Five — Donate $5 to the TCC fund

TCC’s programs prepare students for in-demand careers. Although TCC is affordable, many of our promising students still face financial barriers. You can help!

If every TCC alum chipped in just $5 — the cost of a cup of coffee these days — you would raise over $300,000! That would help students with tuition and textbooks, provide cutting-edge classroom technology and prepare the next generation of leaders in our community.

Small investment, immediate impact

The most meaningful reason to support TCC? The immediate impact you will make with a relatively small investment.

Lack of transportation is a challenge for many TCC students. Just $120 covers a student’s public transportation for an entire academic year.

With $300, a student can buy a semester’s worth of textbooks, and $5,300 pays full-time tuition and fees for one year.

Nothing speaks to the benefits of a TCC education more than the success of our alumni. When you High Five a student, you help our students and our community.

From TCC, our students can go anywhere. Let’s help them get there!